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Dachshund x Jack Russell Terrier

This is the lovely Rhuben who is about 8 years old and has ended up with us again through no fault of his own. He originally came in to us 7 years ago from council kennels when he had been taken in as an unclaimed stray and soon found a loving home but him family had to give him up as the landlord was selling the property and they could not find any where that would take 3 dogs. He soon found another home but due to the death of one of his owners and the fact he cannot be left alone as he barks he is back with us. He is looking for a home with maybe a retired couple who are home all the time. No cats or children but maybe a quiet friendly older dog. Rhuben is an excitable boy who loves lots of fuss. If you think you can help him please message me.


By Default

All of the dogs that come through our doors go through a period of assessment and medical treatment as required, this will enable us to discuss with you the current needs of the dog.

By default the dog will be:

  • Assessed by our Vet
  • Wormed, treated for flees.
  • Nutered/speyed.
  • (where necessary) on appropriate medication.
  • Microchipped.

Adoption Procedure

For guidance only:

We advise you spend time with the dog. Please be aware that it's personality will change over time as they/you interact.

You will be asked to complete a pre adoption/home check form.

When we have received this we will make contact with you and arrange a home visit, where we will verify your home check paperwork.

You will then be asked to complete the adoption paper work and you will need to sign the declaration to say that you accept the terms and conditions.

If at any stage in the adoption process, we feel that the situation is not right for our dog, you may be turned down. We don't have regimented rules on what homes are suitable.

If you decide to adopt one of our dogs we ask for an adoption fee of £175 - £200 (to cover some of our costs), this depends on the age and breed of the dog.

Sometimes we have older dogs looking for homes which we lovingly call our ‘doggy pensioners’ and for these dogs we ask for a reasonable donation. Older dogs make wonderful pets.